Priniting sizing problems with windows 0.921-pre2

Hello there
I am new to this application and list so I do not know if this problem has been reported in the past..
I am using windows 0.91-pre2 on win2k.
When printing to A4, with zero margins, 100% scalling
instead of the full page being scaled to the printout, an
area of about 180mm by 250mm is scaled to the full A4 page size !
I have noticed that when activating the print dialog,
there is a line printed to the cmd shell window which lists some parameters which
are probably transfered to the printer driver.
The first time the dialog is opened, this line is always:
Paper size 9, length 0 width 0 scale 100
The same prameters are listed again if quiting the print dialog ('cancel') and activating it again !
However after first printout ('ok'), following activations of the dialog, list different information:
Paper size 9, length 2970 width 2100 scale 100
which seems as correct size in 0.1mm units !!!
- but still the same scalling problem on actual print.
Please make an effort to solve that printing scaling problem.
Also, the export to dxf causes an exception and the applications quits...
Nitzan Arazi

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