Re: possible bugs: undo move and update text

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Hans Busch wrote:
after all I've got 0.91pre3 compiled and running. The biggest obstacle
was an install bug in pango but thats another story.

First of all. Most things are still fine. However two things aren't
working correctly:

1. undo ignores moves of any object. All other things like property
changes or handle moves seem to undo correctly.

That is correct.  And bad.  Very bad.  Gotta look into that.

2. sometimes screen updates make text objects more bold. E.g. a selection
  of the object restores the correct display. This holds for text objects
  only. I haven't seen this effect for other character strings.
  All in all it looks like the characters are draw multiple times on the
  same place and by that growing darker and darker.

I haven't seen the effect you describe, but occasionally what looks like
the scaling has been done in a crappier way.


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