Re: attn: lars (or anyone else knowledgable)

On 20 Feb 2003, Hunter Peress wrote:
A while ago i made a request but didnt follow up on it. I have some time

The request was about adding an info box to dia. one where you can see
and change the size of a given selection.

I remember that you showed me a whole bunch of methods/vars that I could
use for this.

Obviously i dont remember the actual methods since i lost the email.

Also, we never discussed the issue of a grouped, or multiple objects
that are being selected.
In this case, I think the strategy is to change them all equally by a
length = length of total change div(#of objects in group/selection.).
and simply recurse on down for further,inner groups.

If there is anything that cannot be resized or other exceptions please
let me know.

I've been thinking a bunch about scaling in general.  The big problem is
how to have resizing (what we have now) and scaling (uniform change of all
size-related attributes).  Resizing allows for example a change in the
amount of space around text in a textbox.  Scaling should keep all relative
sizes the same, changing text size, border width and all.

Technically, we can do both.  The difficulty is how the user picks which
one to use.  Obviously, any resizing of a group would have to be scaling,
but shouldn't you also be able to scale a single object?


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