Re: object access to grid width

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Hans Busch wrote:
As far as I have seen objects have no "up" pointer to the diagram.
I'd like to know, whether there is a way for an object to get
to know the grid width and position such that it can align its
connection points accordingly. I'd like to improve UML-lifeline 
such that it automatically adjusts the nubmer of its connection
points on resising such that these are located on the grid.

There is an up pointer from objects to layers and one from layers to

If you implement this, what would happen if the grid size was changed?

Currently it is very hard to manually adjust the count after resizing
the active part of a lifeline. 

Is there anyone out there that has an idea how to circumvent the fact 
that there are two CPLs per side and everything only works for active
length that are a multiple of two of the grid size? 

???  Is this still about lifeline, or something else?


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