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On 15 Feb 2003, dialist wrote:

Date: 15 Feb 2003 12:18:08 -0800
From: dialist <pvspam-dialist hacklab net>
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To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Re: 2 Things

If "-" is Zoom Out, what's Zoom In (Shouldn't it be "+")

Yes, and it seems to be like that.  Remember you may have to do Shift-= to
get +.

And thus, I re-bound Zoom-In as "=" on my system. Not hard. Right-click
in your diagram, navigate to "View", hover over the "Zoom In" entry on
the menu, and press "=".

Get rid of the menu, and bask in the glory of = being zoom-in.

'course this presupposes you never use the numeric keypad to zoom

I thought i had already rebound the defaults for Zoom to be
Zoom In         Ctrl Plus
Zoom Out        Ctrl Minus
which is what the HIG suggests, even if it is mildly annoying for some
users (Ctrl Equals would be easier, but there are internationalisation
issues which i dont care to type out in detail on a <56k connection)

I would be inclined to have both Plus and Equals bound to Zoom In although
this exampel section of the HIG suggests using Ctrl Equal to reset to the
normal view, zoom 1:1  (but then Guidelines need to be flexible).


Alan Horkan

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