Re: UML state diagrams

Subject: Re: UML state diagrams
From: "Alejandro Aguilar Sierra" <asierra servidor unam mx>
Which version of dia are you using? In 0.91-pre, there are 5 separated
icons for state machines: initial/final, state, activity, branch and

Hi Alejandro,

This is a good news indeed. You are right that I wasn looking at dia 0.90 - this is what made its way into vanilla RedHat. It's a bit pain in the neck to look at current CVS, because of this nice spaghetti affect when you start to upgrade packages (someone has just mentioned it here).

As this (the bleeding edge problem) seems to be an issue, perhaps someone could try to set up a rudimentary how-to on what should be upgraded and what are you about to loose in your system when you do the upgrade? If someone who went through the process could put up together several points and post it somewhere? I would be grateful. I volunteer to drop in my experience once I get to tackling this.

Last but not the lest, someone recently written that UML2.0 was released in January. This contradicts with my knowledge - the rumours I heard is that it is not gonna make it this year probably. The OMG website has not published anthing yet.



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