Libart in 0.91-pre2

Sorry about sending bugs to the list, but we only have email access ATM.

I configured 0.91-pre2 on Linux (RH 7.3), and after updating lots of pango and associated libraries was 
successful in starting the make.

The configure script was aware that I did not have libart installed, but when compiling app/render_libart.c 
it complained about not being able to find the headers libart_lgpl/art_rgb.h. This looks like make is still 
building render_libart.c even though the configure script has stated that there is no libart support.

This is not a release stopper, but would be helpful to fix. I don't know my way around app/, but 
it does appear that there is no option of conditionally compiling render_libart.

I have now installed libart (from the RH 8.0 set) and after a reconfigure, make is proceeding.

Well done Lars on getting this prerelease out!!


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