Re: UML state diagrams


Andrzej Wasowski wrote:


As you UML is being discussed my question comes not completely off topic. What about supporting statecharts in dia. Is anybody working on that? I only see a mysterious icon "create a state machine", which seems to create a state (rather than a machine).

Right and the icon is for a final state ;-)

I am willing to help (or even make it happen), but the bleeding edge requirements of current CVS scare me a bit...

I would also like to contribute here. About state machine a good start would be to define shapes for superstate, parallel decomposition, start and final states,
reuse the existing state (for backward compatibility), transitions (with
a property textfields for event [guard] / action

There is also probably some work to do to get more complete support in
- class diagrams (eg. nary relationships, associations classes)
- activity diagrams (eg. subsystem, vertical fork/joins)
etc (check against a good UML reference card or even the OMG spec)

Another point which was discussed previously is about structuring sheets into some packages. With more UML shape, the sheet could become a bit overcrowded and it may become useful to split the sheet into several ones, redesign the interface to manage categories, a set of working sheets, etc... I wish I could prototype sth... As soon as I get some free time to have a try.


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