Re: Greek Fonts in Dia...

Armand Bankhead <bank2192 uidaho edu> writes:

      I can't find anything on dia's support for Greek lettering.  I
want to be able to label in Greek in my dia diagrams.  Is this

If you know TeX you can use the PSTricks workaround. That is you write
the greek letters the TeX way (like $\alpha$) and export the document
to, say, foo.tex. A minimal LaTeX-document for using drawing.tex would
look like:


You can make it in a latex oneliner instead:

latex '\documentclass{article} \usepackage{pstricks} \begin{document} \include{drawing} \end{document}'

And then for viewing:

dvips -f article.dvi | gv -

or printing

dvips -Pprintername article.dvi

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