Re: dia 0.91 segfault at startup

I'm having the same problem and my work around is to
remove the files in
the installation directory (PREFIX/lib/dia).

Maybe we should report a bug to


On 5 Feb 2003, Gustavo J. A. M.  Carneiro wrote:

  Here's the backtrace:

#0  0x4004e832 in export_filter_compare (a=0x40dc5ab8, b=0x40dc5ab8)
    at filter.c:39
#1  0x40a0fb2f in g_list_insert_sorted (list=0x80b2720, data=0x40de304c,
    func=0x4004e810 <export_filter_compare>) at glist.c:693
#2  0x4004e373 in filter_register_export (efilter=0x40dc5ab8) at filter.c:45
#3  0x40dddbde in dia_plugin_init (info=0x40dc5ab8) at dxf.c:41
#4  0x40058185 in dia_plugin_load (info=0x82961f8) at plug-ins.c:253
#5  0x40058413 in dia_register_plugin (
    filename=0x82a0020 "/home/gjc/gnome2//lib/dia/")
    at plug-ins.c:319
#6  0x4005851f in dia_register_plugins_in_dir (
    directory=0x8226a30 "/home/gjc/gnome2//lib/dia") at plug-ins.c:373
#7  0x4005876c in dia_register_plugins () at plug-ins.c:458
#8  0x08068704 in app_init (argc=0, argv=0xbffff4e4) at app_procs.c:403
#9  0x08097f7b in main (argc=1088182968, argv=0x40dc5ab8) at main.c:36

(gdb) f
#0  0x4004e832 in export_filter_compare (a=0x40dc5ab8, b=0x40dc5ab8)
    at filter.c:39
39        return g_strcasecmp(_(fa->description), _(fb->description));


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