Re: Text Entry [Re: direct text input for UML-message]

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

If you use TAB to move between fields then you cannot put tabs in your
text boxes.

True, unless we add some escape sequence.  But how often do you need to put
a tab in a text box?  They don't really have a well-defined meaning there.
Tab is so commonly known as 'move to next input' that I think we can make
that the general behaviour.

You can leave it so that the user must click outside the text box to move
ot the next field ... there must be an alternative keybinding, i remember
noticing another application - visio i think - that allowed tabs in the
text box.

That may well be.  I for one don't want to repeat all of Visio's mistakes.
Only a select few:)

I will do my best to descibe any text box behaviours you would like to
know about.



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