Dia on Wine


Dia 0.90 win32 runs on Wine, sort of.
There are various rendering problems, you can see the buttons in the
toolbox window but the images on the buttons do not get rendered.

Dia 0.91 1 pre3 win32 runs on Wine, but is not usable.
Very little of the toolbox window renders at all.  The menus dont render
either and Dia is generally very slow.

In both cases using the wrapper script/batch file is not an option (or at
least it would require a whole lot of messing i dont intend to do,
patching Dia would probably be easier) so you have to deal with a whole
load of extra minor error messages as a result.

I am using wine-20030115-1rh8winehq.i686.rpm
I have a windows 98 partition where i installed Dia.  There are tools for
Wine which allow you to install windows programs but i have not tried it.

Before anyone asks why would anyone want to run the windows port of linux
software on Wine, because i can.  Portability and running on inferior
operating systems can often turn up bugs, and it is reasonably useful for
testing.  It would be nice to be able to answer user questions about Dia
for windows without needing to reboot (or even have Windows) to verify
that it behaves as expected.


Alan Horkan

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