Re: [DIA] [newbie] modeling mysql data

I get Dia. But, I don´t know if it is able to model mysql data or not.
If its capable of that, can someone explain to me how to get the
apropriate shapes to do that? 

Yes, I think so.  You use the UML shapes, and  Other associated tools can be found on
Dia's link page, and 

Just to clarify, absolutely, yes. tedia2sql does support MySQL now. It's
one of the more recent additions to the tool.

And further, yes, use the UML shapes. But before you begin, I suggest
perusing the tedia2sql documentation to be sure you're using the right
UML shapes & attributes:

If you're curious about using Dia to generate SQL DDL for any platform,
check the tool out.


Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
author, tedia2sql (

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