Re: Libglade [was Re: GNOME HIG and libglade2]

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

This thread on the abiword mailing list was discussing how moving to
using libglade2 it would make it much easier to maintain.

The comments from Jody Goldberg (included) below convince me of how good
idea this is.

At least in principle this seems like a senisible longer term goal,
perhaps post 1.0.  Any objections (read the thread first though please)?

I'd have to try it out a bit first.  The Sheets & Objects dialog was made
with Glade and converted to regular code by hand, and it was really
difficult to fix the destroy bugs in it.  But that was Glade 1.  It may be
an option for post 1.0, but certainly not now.


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