Re: Problems with dia-0.91-pre1

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
I tested dia-0.91-pre1 on my system and I found out the following

1. cmdline arguments are not processed.

2. plug-ins/, objects/ not installed by 'make install' (and
   plugins/ gets installed?, is it necessary?)

3. running /usr/bin/dia (compiled with './configure --prefix=/usr')
   segfaults, running app/ (with paths modified to point
   to '/usr/share/dia/*') is ok.

I am suspecting that this is because an old plugin was left in the lib
directory.  Please try make uninstall and see if there's anything left in
/usr/local/lib/dia.  If there is, remove that and remake.  I had similar
effects because of a leftover python plugin -- looks like if python isn't
compiled in, the python plugin is a bomb.  More investigation needed.


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