Re: uml lifeline

On Sat, 01 Feb 2003, Mike Power wrote:
First off I would like to praise you on an excellent application.  I
use it a lot.

Second I would like to see if a small change could be made to enhance
the app just a little.  In uml there is a shape called a lifeline.  A
good little thing with one exception.  Its endpoints do not stick to
stuff.  I have attached an example dia(ungzip'd) file.  This file
contains two examples.  Where the end point of a lifeline does not
stick to a Text object and where the end points of two lifelines do
not stick to each other.  It would be great if they did actually stick
to each other.

I guess what you want is something like what's on page 3 of

That would be easy to do by adding a connection point at the end.  We'd
just need to be careful about handling the adding of more points correctly,
and try to keep it compatible.  

It'd be a bit tricker to have a connecting handle (as on lines) in the
other end, as the lifeline is always vertical.  I'm not sure how the
adjustment to two connection points would work.


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