RE: Cisco colour icons for Dia

They are intended to replace the black and white versions - that's why I've kept the names the same. If people wanted them in another namespace (Cisco colour, perhaps) I could do that.

I install them on on my box by:

# chmod 000 /usr/share/dia/shapes/Cisco
# chmod 000 /usr/share/dia/sheets/cisco*
$ cd ~/.dia
$ tar xfz cisco-colour-1.0.tar.gz

If you want to overwrite your existing versions, you need to move the shapes into /usr/share/dia/shapes/Cisco and the sheets into /usr/share/dia/sheets - I suggest you only do that after you are happy with them.

[The above is on a Debian system - your pathnames may be different, but the principle should be the same]

Ian Redfern.

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 18:17, Ribeiro, Glauber wrote:
Is it safe to overlay these on the current set of shapes and sheets? It seems some files have the same names as existing files. Also, shouldn't the shapes and sheets be in subdirectories instead of directly inside the "shapes" and "sheets" directories?
Sorry if these are silly questions.
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It took rather longer than I'd hoped, but my Dia conversion of the Cisco colour icon set is now ready for use at - I've been using them in presentations to clients for a few weeks and they seem production quality.

This set contains 302 colour icons, including all the ones I could find in Cisco's various sets, plus colour  versions of all but 12 of last year's black and white ones - I've left out 6 duplicates and 6 unnecessary composites. There are a number of new ones, including several more buildings, disk and tape arrays, iSCSI, many optical fibre and wireless icons, and some icons in multiple colours.

I've also combined the router sheet with the Hub/Switch sheet and created a new telephony sheet to hold all the phone and VoIP icons.

Finally, I've fixed the number one complaint about the old set - all the menu preview images are 22x22, so the Cisco menus look a lot tidier.

As usual, these icons are in the public domain, and my thanks to the Cisco Technical Illustrations team for making them free for anyone to use.

Any problems or suggestions - please let me know.

Ian Redfern.

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