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On 30 Aug 2003, Peter Poulsen wrote:
Peter Poulsen <peter_poulsen stofanet dk> writes:

I have now got that hex-thing I was talking about working. I would like
to contribute it to the development version if that has any interest.

How is this done best? Should I send a diff file to this list, or could
I get access to the cvs and then commit it? To some extend I would
prefer a diff, as this is the first time I have made anything for Dia,
so it would be nice if somebody would take a quick glance at it to see
if I have broken anybody else's code.
Peter Poulsen

How should I contribute; can I get a login and password to the cvs, or
should I send the diff files here on this mailling list?

Please send them to the list, we'll take a look at them.  I don't think
they'll go into 0.92, though, I'm about ready to put out 0.92-pre1, and
would rather not add new features right now.


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