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On 22 Aug 2003, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Fri, Aug 22, 2003, ï 01:25:49PM -0500, Lars Clausen a ïcrit:

I'd add: for each Americanization patch item, it would be really nice
to add an en_GB.po patch item as well. Just for symmetry's sake.

True, but less necessary.  The Americanization is mostly to have one
language to base translations off of.  That way we won't have
mistranslations due to US/GB differences.  Also notice that the site
suggests always using SI units, so for units an en_US.po patch could be
required (not likely to be the case in Dia, though).

nope, units are beyond the simple scope of the .po. Anyway, if they
insist on using inches, pounds and whatever phase of ounces, screw
them :-) Coca-Cola and US car makers are massively switching to metric,
the rest will follow suit, eventually.

For Dia, yes.  Other programs might mention units in their strings, for
some reason ("Your file is now six feet under" -> "You file is now 182.88
cm under":)

I'm thinking of another thing w.r.t the Americanization patch: to be
complete, a patch which does, say, s/Colour/Color/ should also apply the
patch to the msgid section of all .po files as well, otherwise it
creates more work to the translator teams, doesn't it?

It would, but not much.  At the same time, some number of entries would be
collapsed into one (e.g. "Line color" and "Line colour"!), and I think the
translators would scream bloody murder at us doing that instead of them.
Grepping for [Cc]olour brings up 7 strings, so it's not a massive burden
compared with the mess if we start doing funny things to the .po files.  I
messed it up once, I'm quite content to leave it to the translators now.


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