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ISO 7000, 7001 and IEC 60417 would be excellent candidates too.

Any links?
i looked at both  and
but they seem to want to sell standards more
than they actually want me to read and implement them.

True :-( if only they followed ECMA's policy (which, a couple years ago, was
very happy to send me a bunch of hardcopies of ECMA-6, 94 and friends upon a
simple email request), or at least made free PDF downloads... had a database; they
took it down [I suspect the IEC's hand is behind this], however, I suggest
you follow the "Daily access of this page" link and then one link in that

Got it
I think i will be very busy drawing tomorrow.

This brings me again to the question of how to organise Dia to handle
having hundreds and thousands of shapes.
On disk it probably makes sense to group them by ISO refernce and have
100s in the one directory but in the frontend will probably need an
entirely diffent layout, grouped by task probably.
Some shapes will repeat in diffent groups, i know Visio repeats stuff from
the examples on the Microsoft website.  i have a load samples i converted
to png i should put somewhere.
It would be so cool to have a list of shapes we want but need to be drawn
and to invite people to pick a shape and draw it, this is a task that
could be massively distributed.

I think it is time for me to take a break and relax and go home for
dinner.  Till tomorrow (damn, did not get that patch done).

Alan Horkan

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