Re: Status report for Building Debian/Mingw packages for DIA

--- Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:
The kind of behaviour RMS allegedly told you to pursue is called in
French  "délation". And to my mind, it immediately invokes collective
memory about 
a period of the 20th century I'm very happy I never lived in. Now, by
Godwin's law, the thread is finished.

Ahh, that period! Well luckily you are not the only person on this
Even if you can just remove me.

Wouldn't the world have been a better place?
Sure. I did write to Hans, and to the list. 

You definitely have not understood what I think the problem is with
it's with repeated offer for peace followed by repeated blows in our

Ok, I might be guilty of not giving up. I dont give up easily.

My offer is to fix the problem. 

I first dropped the issue on this list until my investigations showed
that there is a real problem. I wish I did not delete all those mails
about the GPL FAQ not counting, never did realize how far this would

My complaints because very concrete when I saw the real problem and now
I am taking steps to fix it.

I apoligied for supposedly false accusations at the time, 
it turns out they are right. 
Go figure.

This I can't tolerate. You claim you have re-read the whole disaster,
good, you claim you didn't see anything wrong from your side, well,
your opinion.

Sure, I see your side, I could have been nicer about the whole thing.

If this
is really true, then I invite you to fork the project. 
I see no need for that. I am not interested in taking over the
development of DIA, just volunteering to port to windows and add in
some plugins. 

Yes, do it now. Start a new list, find a CVS area, and work there.

I have a project, the introspector, and intend on using dia in it.

I will be hosting my changes on my project page if you refuse them.
The same for the changes to the gcc, the cscc, bison and all the tools

All of the binaries I will provide will be GPL compatible,
and that is the offer that I make to the DIA team, to get that part
sorted out. 

I see no need to break off the cvs. I am thinking about just
maintaining the Debian package and updating from cvs when needed, the
patches needed up to now are to the automake, autoconf and the 

Of course you can try and ban me from the list, remove cvs access, I
don't see the point.

I will be using the CVS from dia, and if you refuse my patches, 
fine. The debian builds allows for patches. 

It's damn
free software, you are free to fork it if you feel it's the best way
I don't think so at all. This is your idea. All I wanted to do was add
in the vcg layout plug-in and the the URLs.

I only got involved in this GPL thing when I tried to compile the
sources on windows, and use the python plug-in!

If people are interested in following you, they will. It's pointless
we continue to argue endlessy; let the people vote with their feet.

You can kick me off the list and ignore my patches, 
but I dont see any need to branch. 

The amount of tools that will be needed to complete the introspector
project will not allow to branch them all, it will be more like the
debian system with small patches to each module in a package.

This happened with EMACS, and led to the XEmacs/EMACS rift. It's not
painful, is it?

Maybe. I dont see the problem yet, maybe I am that stupid. 

(It also happened with EGCS/GCC. It is possible that one day I have
to eat
my hat and follow that road as well. So be it!)

Remember that Godwin's law has been invoked. 
Thats kinda funny :

Anyway, I hope that you will get used to the idea that I am not going

Deal with it, remove me, hate me, whatever. 

Fact is that I am trying to help, trying to fix problems.

This is just the beginning.


James Michael DuPont

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