Re: Will the real libiconv please stand up! Was : Re: [Mingw-users] baby steps, an half-finshed packaging of libiconv (very boring)

--- Bruno Haible <bruno clisp org> wrote:

The only things that were a problem were some
linking problems,

Strange. With the mingw-2.1 (which I got from,
*not* from
libiconv builds out of the box.

I am working under DEBIAN linux using a cross compiler, on creating a
package that can be built from apt-get source/apt-src --build install. 

The changes that I needed to make were relevant to the linker and
compiler settings, and specific to the the cross compiler.

If the user has WINE installed, he can even execute the tests from
config to get the needed values, this is another part that needs

If I find some more time this week, I will post a very detailed report
on exactly what changes need to be made to compile under DEBIAn/mingw32


James Michael DuPont

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