Re: Noob can't print right on Win32....

--- Nick Fisher <Nick nickdafish com> wrote:
what the size..  I'm wondering if this is a Dia thing or a Win32

I've been using Linux Dia with Letter paper for a long time without
problem, so I'm guessing it's a Win32 Dia problem.  Probably the

So just as a matter of intrest how likely is it that this bug will be
addressed soonish? If I can't easily print from Dia I will have to
annother diagraming package... that would be a shame as I'm getting
like Dia. There are workarounds for this scaling issue but no good
I'll help any way I can with testing......

Well, we are coming along with the new windows porting of the packages,
if you want to help test them and help with the porting, then please

Right now we are just wrapping the freetype and wil be starting on
pango soon.

As soon as we get the this going, I will do my best to help you with
the printing.


James Michael DuPont

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