Re: Noob can't print right on Win32....

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Nick Fisher wrote:
I'm in the US so I'm using letter sized paper.
AFAIK, that is exactly your problem.

US Letter is narrower than A4
so the on screen lines will be misleading.
I used to live in the UK and I've run across this one before ;) Infact
ANSI A paper is .6cm wider and 1.8cm shorter.....  This is what confuzes
me. If this was the problem the diagram should be to narrow and too
long... not too wide. however this may be why I always get a blank sheet
of paper with every print.  Also when I change back to A4 (Page setup
appears to have paper size support) the problem is still there (I'm using
GhostScript to view)!  And landscape mode is totaly whacked out no matter
what the size..  I'm wondering if this is a Dia thing or a Win32 Dia

I've been using Linux Dia with Letter paper for a long time without this
problem, so I'm guessing it's a Win32 Dia problem.  Probably the same as

Hopefully you can workaround it.
My current tactic is to eport to PNG...
Not very handy but it works for now...

Oh, that's horrible.  Can you export to EPS and use Ghostscript to print?


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