Re: Restricting possible connections

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 08:05:51PM +0200, ed hunter seznam cz wrote:
But, maybe, the function could be called only once - for the connection object. If the
connection object wants, it can call some function in the two connected objects.
(But that would mean that it has to be able to find about objects' classes. Can it do
it now?)

so e.g.:

gboolean can_connect_objects (Object *self, Object *from, Handle *from_h, Object *to, Handle *to_h)

In principle, one function call is preferable to two or
three :-)  Question: How do I prevent a user from connecting
a simple "line" with a UML class, if only the UML object
"knows" about this access rights?  (Note: I'm relatively new
to the dia internals...)

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