Re: Chemistry Library For Dia

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Robert Smith wrote:
I am gradually producing a library of chemistry shapes for Dia. These
include basic structures such as bonds (double, triple, single, double
single dotted etc.), small numbers, basic greek characters, arene shapes,
angled bonds for making shapes such as kekules benzene etc. The library
almost halves the time that it takes me to produce chemical diagrams.

When it is finished is there any place specifically that I can place this
library on the web or in the cvs tree etc so that it can be accessed by
other people, or even perhaps integrated into the progams libraries as

If you post a pointer to the files here, we can certainly include it in the
standard distribution.  So far, we just add sheets in, though in the near
future we will have to come up with something smarter.  I'd love to see
chemical shapes in Dia.


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