[OT] Chemistry (was Re: Dia shapes for chemistry)

Yeah a lot of people use the kekule' structure but for phenolic
compounds, this can often lead to a misinterpretation of chemical
compound structures and reactions, hence why I use the circle to show
the delocalised electrons. In this way the electrons from the O in the
phenols are also accounted for.
Hmmn I have used chemtool, and it is great, but you can't draw
circles which are important for showing delocalised electrons, e.g.
benzene. Hence why I use dia.
I'm suprised that this form is in such wide use. I thought that people
tended to use the Kekule cyclohexatriene form even though we know the
bonds are hybridized.

Just every so often, mailing lists get really, really interesting in a way
you never expected them to get interesting. I imagine my postings about
esoteric ER diagramming needs for Dia sound as "Greek" to others as this
does to me.

Why do I find this amusing and interesting in a profound & fundamental
fashion: that Dia would cause extreme chemists & extreme database gurus to
be reading the same posts? It gives me kind of a "unity among men"
feeling. It also gives me a good feeling that when someone questions why
I'm using Dia to diagram databases, I might be able to reply: "If it's
good enough for showing delocalised electrons in benzene (compounds?),
then certainly it's good enough for modelling classes & associations."

In any case, Organic Chemistry 101 cannot prepare one for the
psychological trauma associated with attempting to understand the above
exchange... ;)

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
Gamet, Inc.

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