Re: changing properties dialogue

On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, James K. Lowden wrote:

Then consider a little address form, with some required and some optional
fields.  What should <Enter> do now?  Move to the next field (like tab)?
Move to the next required field?  If you're on the last field (perhaps
using the mouse), should it press "OK" then?  When all the required fields
are completed, should it press "OK" then?

If <Enter> behaves as I describe, pressing it before the required data are
filled in provides feedback i.e., that you haven't supplied all the

You are right of course
I am just tired of poor error messages when the developers could have been
a little smarter about things.

Popping up a message dialog and saying something vague like "not all
required fields were filled in" is not very good feedback

Maybe some combination of a message dialog (i hear MS Office has a new
less obtrusive type of message dialog for non essential warnings and
suggesions)  and then a clear indicater of what fields are required
(hopefully these would already be indicated and failing to fill them in
would indicate them in an even clearer manner)

usability blah blah blah, i am getting a bit offtopic but that is what you
get when you have a list where the reply-to: defaults to the list.  (It is
much more fun when you can just smugley tell people to get a better mail
client :P or quit moaning and hit the reply All button and delete any
extra addresses.  Of course if more people used BCC those extra address
would not come up.  im really rambling now).

Mayan keyboard, neat.
I want an iBook keyboard (preferably with the rest of the iBook attached)


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