Re: Re[4]: transparent layer?

Alan, thank you sending this to me.
  They look great. I took a look at the postscript.
   It is amazing that so few lines do this so well.
   I don't understand the postcript language but
   i will study it to see if I can emulate other operations.

   A Dia solution will be nice and it also has the
   advantage (to me) that I could use LaTeX
   to annotate it with pretty math symbols.

   Thanks again for the good help.,

Best regards, Luis A

Alan G Isaac <aisaac american edu> on 10/18/2002 09:28:13 PM

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On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 07:00:41 -0500 Luis A Escobar <luis lsu edu> wrote:
Alan, i don't write postscript, so i don't know how to make them
    in postscript either.

Example attached.


(See attached file: unint.eps)

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