Formatting problems in RedHat 8.0


  I'm trying to create a UML class diagram on my
RedHat 8.0 box.  I've used Dia before and have not run
into the problem I'm currently running into now. 
What's happening is that the class icon is getting
stretched WAY too long and I have no way in which to
resize it.  I've noticed similar behavior with package
icons and in the small package stereotype field, the
letters have asthetically unpleasing spaces between
them.  There are other similar formatting issues I'm
running into that are too numerous to list here.

  Functionally, everything acts the way it should...
it's just that spacings and icon sizes are whacky and
I cannot resize.  Like I indicated above, I'm running
RH 8.0 and the version of Dia I have is v0.90.  If
anyone knows of a way to fix my problem or can point
me to someplace in the documentation I've overlooked,
I'd greatly appreciate it.


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