Text Problems in MS Word Using WMF Export

I am currently using DIA (0.9 on Win32) to generate diagrams for use in MS
Word (97, I think).  I export the diagrams in WMF (Windows metafile) format
and import the WMF into Word as an "image from file" since this seems to
work best.  In most cases, the linework and most text comes out fine, but
many of the resulting text strings are shifted to the left or aligned
improperly.  Also, Word says that they are usually at point size 2.0 (rather

I notice that a lot of people seem to be doing this, so I was wondering if
anyone had found a solution to this.  A specific example is the UML class
object types that are included in DIA's release.  Is it simply a matter of
increasing the font size in the properties of the shapes?


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