Re: text alignment

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

Is there any particurlar reason why the default text alignement is
I seem to set it to 'Left' most of the time anyway.

Double-click the 'T' icon in the toolbox and set your default to Left there.

I would also like to see a better text box, the text box in Dia is unlike
anything i have used in other programs.
If the Dia text box actually highlighted text so that you could see it
then i think Dia could do copy/cut/paste of text based on context without
the need for seperate menu items.

We've been considering such a thing, where to edit text, you first have to
select the text and then click again to edit.  This would solve a number of
problems with editing, such as single-key menu shortcuts getting in the
way, good cut-and-paste, allow for text field navigation etc.  It's
definitely a good idea.

I am also wondering if perhaps all the little suggestions i keep making
are somehow counter productive and that rather asking for lots of little
fixes Dia should be trying to reuse other peoples code or move to using
an entirely new Canvas widget?

I don't know of a better Canvas widget.  ANd many of these suggestions are
not really about the canvas, but about how Dia objects behave.


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