Re: changing properties dialogue

Good point.  The keybindings on those dialogs aren't quite up to scratch.
It should really have 'Enter' do OK and 'Escape' do Cancel.  Please do file

I would have thought that the newer GTK2 widgets would/will have this
stuff setup by default?

To be a little bit pedantic it is not just a simple Esc = Cancel and OK =
Esc is used for cancel and sometimes for No reponses, and in some
cases to dismiss any window without taking an action (so this could
even include a message dialog that only had an Ok button).

As for binding Return to Ok,
When you open a dialog if you are willing to
accept all the default values, the Ok button should be in focus and you
you should be able to simply accept by hitting Return.

You probably dont want hitting return anywhere in a dialog to be
equivalent to okay.  for example in a password dialog hitting return after
typing in the username it does not make sense to hit ok, it should bring
you to the next box to enter your password first.  It makes sense in other
circumstances where more data is needed.  I get very annoyed at the Gtk
file dialog thinking i want to save to a file called dirname/ and then
fail and close the save window (but the many annoyances of the file dialog
is a rant best left to the desktop-devel-list).

This is my understanding of it, off the top of my head, i have not
thought it through in detail or read any usability papers on the matter
so my description is obviously somewhat lacking.  I
assume you were just simplifying for brevity, i will add my comments to
the bug report.


a bugreport at Bugzilla <URL:> for this.

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