Re: issues: modal dialogs and uml arrows

Le Wed, Oct 09, 2002, à 11:19:46PM -0400, Johan Ovlinger a écrit:

quoth cyrille:
I think this has been changed in CVS; can you give it a shot?

I didn't dare earlier, as I saw msg here about CVS being tinged with
the black death or something.  Where are the UML shapes stored? All I
could find in /usr/local/share/dia was a few xpms and a uml sheet with
i18n info.  Weird.

Most UML objects are implemented in C, in $prefix/lib/dia/libuml*.so (source 
is in $top_srcdir/objects/UML)

Can you see if Pan/Galeon actually *move* the mouse pointer when
they pop a dialog up?

No mouse warping, but the dialog DOES get focus. So do the popunders
from dia, so that predicts nothing...

Hmmm. Interesting.
 There is a setting for that in the global prefs, and you can use
 the space bar as a shortcut between your last two tools.

excellent! I take it that's the "reset tools after create" option? 


        -- Cyrille


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