Re: rc2 reflections

Le Sun, May 26, 2002, à 06:48:47PM +0200, Justyna Bia?a a écrit:
On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 06:15:21PM +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
The guess is wrong: dia is at fault. What is
wrong ? (please send us samples in .dia, .png and .eps form).

The problem with testdia.eps is that gv isn't able to show it.
The error message it big, but generaly it is conected with font's matters.

This is very strange. On my system (which has never intentionally run any
East-European locale), I just gv'd it and got the screenshot testdia2.png
(which looks right to my Western eyes).

What version of Ghostscript/Ghostview are you running? What distribution?
Two more things: what about my question about UML compatibility? 

I don't know. I'm really a very basic user of UML; well, enough to design
but I've never worked in an environment where ayatollahish compliance to UML 
was a must.  I guess it would be nice if you could report an enhancement bug 
at This does not look critical enough to delay the
0.90 release.

I also  noticed that state charts in rc2 must be not compatible with 88.1
version. When I open a file made in old version, the start and end states are
drawn like the internal state and I have to change their status manualy.

Aaah. *this* is much more annoying. I think this must be fixed or somehow
worked around before we release 0.90 proper. Would you mind posting a sample
file (done with the 0.88.1), a screen shot of 0.88.1, and another screen
shot with 0.90.RC2 ?

        -- Cyrille


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