Re: [long] lots of problems, you did ask ... [was Re: RC1 stats]

thanks for taking the time to report all these issues.

time and then calls dia.  I think it would be much simpler to just add the
following line to the autoexec.bat file:
SET HOME=%windir%    REM Dia expects a Home variable.

I don't want to mess around with autoexec.bat. Where should we add the line?
At the end? It might be missed because of a "win" call before the end
At the top? The user might run out of environment space, an environment
variable for some precious software might not get loaded any more and he'll
ask us to clean up this mess. The batch file is ugly, but it works. 

The installer offers the install Types: Typical, Custom.  I think having a
type: Full would be very helpful.
(My mouse was broken and the installer does not provide adequate keyboard
navigation to set all the options without using the mouse.  This is an
inherant flaw, but it can be compensated for by adding a Full option).

I expect people who want to run dia to have a mouse.

There is an alpha version of nsis2 available on the winamp forums.

I never heard of any nsis-related problems, why should we switch?
We'll wait until NSIS2 is non-alpha and non-beta.

** (dia.exe:4294447971): WARNING **: object_get_type(EML - Interaction
(orthogonal)) returned NULL

I guess this means that the EML shapes are missing.

Is this Win9x ? I don't get any error message, simply because the window is 
not there. I'll try to fix this for the 0.90.RC2 release.

the fonts in the PDF manual dont look good at all.  The document does not
have links from the index to the relevant sections, or the nice structured
document features Acrobat calls bookmarks (effectively the same i think).

If anybody knows how to create indexed HTML from docbook, please let me
know. I tried tex2pdf which can do the index and linking, but it didn't like
the docbook tex.

i was looking for documentation dia's command line arguements but was
Hans ? Should we file a wishlist bug for this?


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