Re: RC1 stats

Le Sat, May 25, 2002, à 08:14:38AM +0300, Steffen Macke a écrit:
looking now into your report), things look very good so far.

The diaWin  0.90.RC1 installer has been downloaded almost 3000 times so far.
As there were no problems reported, I guess we have escaped dll hell
(installation over previous versions) and possibly %HOME% hell (In this case 
I'm not so sure...)

Wow -- 3050 RC1 users, a half-dozen reports.

I was able to compile the .dll parts of dia about one year ago with mingw,
but dia.exe did not work for some reason or the other. However, the dlls 
worked together with Hans' msvc dia.exe. Since then I didn't have any time to
try it again. 

I see. I hope we didn't garble the mingw files, some of the Win32 specific
stuff is missing from the EXTRA_DIST directives. I hope one day to run
mingw32 under wine, to at least be able to test that we have all the pieces
needed for compilation.

        -- Cyrille


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