Re: export eps on dia-0.881 and 0.90win32

On 2002-05-21 at 10:00, Tariq Rashid wrote:

hmmm... back when i used export to EPS on dia-0.88.1 on freebsd 4.5 and
linux mandrake 8.1 - the exported diagram was either incorectly scaled and
translated or was really too corrupt for gv to view or lpr to print....

it also occus with dia-0.90rc1 win32


I asked this question some time back on the list. I was using
0.89 on Windows and I had the same problem as you when
exporting UML diagrams to EPS. I'm now using 0.90RC1 for Linux
on the recommendation of one of the developers and the problem
has gone away --- or at least is drastically improved. Try
using 0.90RC1 or a recent CVS snapshot. Are you sure the
Windows version you're using is 0.90RC1? If so, do you have the
opportunity to try compiling it on Linux/Unix instead?

Hope this helps,

Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew new-destiny co uk

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