Re: Text Problem 0.90RC1

On Wed, 15 May 2002, Robert Young wrote:
Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 14 May 2002, Robert Young wrote:
Just a quick problem I found. Place a piece of text on a 
diagram. Change
it's font. Move it about - it's bounds are not correct.
Compiled with no options i.e. Freetype OFF.

What fonts are you changing from and to, at what size and zoom?

New Diagram. New Text. At this point it is using Courier, size 0.8, and
100% zoom. Change font to AvantGarde-Book and when the text is moved
about it leaves stuff behind - hence me thinking its a bounding box
problem.  The bounding box, however, is OK at 141% and 200% zoom...

Yeah, that sounds like what I see.

I am tempted to for all small sizes just render a larger size and then
scale in Dia, no matter the uglyness.  For now, there is a 
wiggle factor of
1.1, which leaves some extra room in some cases.  We may need 
to increase
it a bit.

I took a look at lib/font.c and see what you mean. I did, however, notice
that the problem is only with this particular font face that it occurs.
Mind you, that is just for size 0.8, zoom 100%. Also, there was a message
appearing in the console when using AvantGarde-Book about this font
(-schumacher-clean-medium-r-normal ...) not supporting all characters in
my locale (en_AU) - then complains that it is missing character set
ISO8859-1.  I'd probably blame it on this. Your fudge factor of 1.1 works
pretty well (>90% of the time).

Maybe it should be 1.15 or 1.2 to cover everything.

I guess the next question is : what needs to be done to get Freetype
working well enough to replace GDK fonts?? Or is Freetype justa stepping
stone to Pango? Should I spend my lunch time playing with Freetype
enabled, instead?

Freetype, alas, has the same problem, both with and without hinting.  It is
just a stepping stone, really.  But I don't know if Pango does it any better.


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