Re: What's the prerenderer do?

Le Mon, Mar 04, 2002, à 01:45:03PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

In a later version, we could have the user setup what fonts should be
assumed available, so those with localized printers can make use of that.
It would be nice to be able to ask the printer what fonts it has

Nooo, please nooooo !!!

This leads towards unportable PS and PDF. For what ?? 0.7 second less time
for the first sheet of paper ?

Please. Not this. Let's stick to the portable set of fonts only (high-end
printers or software rasterisers will some sort of caching anyway).

Translators have no business knowing about font names; we have to do this
for the moment, but it's an ugly kludge.

        -- Cyrille

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