Assorted Geometric shapes

Over the past week I have spent many many hours carefully
designing and crafting new shapes for Dia.  Im a bit of a perfectionist
sometimes, i hope it shows in the shapes i have drawn.

a quick screenshot here

and the shapes and sheets here

Please do inlcude this sheet in Dia.

All 40 shapes produced from scratch using Dia 0.90 on windows 98.  All
icons are 22x22 PNGs with transparancey, most of which i edited in the
Gimp (and mspaint).

I have plenty more shapes and templates, unfortunately I dont know when i
will have time to clean them up and create a sheet though.  There are some
templates like the donut/torus i mentioned previously that simply wont
convert to proper shapes files.  Looking at programs similar to Dia have
also given me a few ideas.  Although I dont expect to have time to draw
many this shapes again soon i do intend to keep drawing a lit bit here and

If people have any requests for shapes i would appreciate if someone would
please file them in bugzilla (preferably the person who wants the shape
drawn) and I will try and do them when i have time.  It will also greatly
help me to prioritise what people would actually find most useful.

The shape export has a few problems, which i just dont have time to look
at now that my quiet week is over.
Some of the Beziergons are getting exported with no connection points,
just a closing tag
adding in the openning tag so it reads <connections></connections> causes
import errors (or at least that is what seemed to be happening dont have
time for more rigourous testing or thourough checking although quite a
few of the shapes i made were Beziergons)

I hand edited many of the shapes as the includes duplicate
connection points.  For a filled polygon i think what the shape exporter
is doing is exporting all connections points for the outline polygon and
exporting all the same connection points again for the fill polygon.
(I have a decent example of this, ill try to file it in bugzilla).

It also seems to be leaving out a connection point at
about clock position 10/11 o'clock on the polygons i have converted
to shapes (in some but not all cases i worked out the coordinates and
added them in a text editor).

This message is getting a bit long, so ill leave it at that and get back
to you all if/when i have time to bug find and (maybe) bug fix.  (damned
kernel32.dll crash then BSOD i cannot even begin to explain but have had
happen several times...)

Alan Horkan

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