Re: MSE icons, added some transparancey to the XPMs

Le Wed, Jun 26, 2002, à 06:02:56PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:

i touching up some of the icons i have drawn for my own use and adding
transparancey and while i was at i decided to add transparancy to some of
the MSE icons.  (edited using the GIMP)

I think someone mentioned that PNGs load faster than XPMs.
Are there any plans to switch entirely to PNGs?
(I know XPMs are text based and there might be advantages to using them
such as being able to use cvs diff).

The real advantage of XPMs for such small files (which, since Windows 
doesn't have Reiserfs, are going to take ten times their actual size anyway)
is for us *nix guys who forget to use the -kb flag when adding stuff to the
CVS repository (which tends to upset the Windows guys for some reason[*]).

the four icons are here in a tarball

I'm looking into this. Thank you very much !

        -- Cyrille


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