Re: Drawing Poly(line|gone)

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 16:01, Claudius Link wrote:

I tried to draw polylines to get more complex connections between shapes
but it fails completely.

If I choose "Create Polyline" I get a normal line (with 2 points). If I
in v0.88.1:
create polyline, click the line with middle button and choose "add

choose "Create Polygon" I get a triangle.

In neither case I was able to figure out how to add point.

Is this my error (than how can I do it correctly) or a problem with my
version of dia (0.88.1)?
I just installed 0.90 (both were official Debian packages) and the same 

Help is appreciated as I need to draw complex connections and multiple
connected simple line are not to nice and usually don't look to good

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