Pango change, first baby step !

Hello all,

  a first baby step; here's a patch which delegates render_gdk.c/draw_string()
to Pango. It's horribly crude:
        * it hard-codes the font name to "Courier"
        * it uses the old GdkFont-based method for extents computation
        (hence, if the alignment is not LEFT and there is any non-ASCII
        stuff, the bounding box will be wrong)
        * It is extremely inefficient; it will re-shape all strings each
        time a redraw is needed.
        * It is extremely inefficient; it will build GdkFonts it doesn't
        really uses.

        * My system seems to have a problem with displaying "Courier"
        Japanese and Chinese text (more exactly, it seems one of the Courier
        fonts mistakenly declares to cover the CJK areas, when in fact it has 
        no glyphs for that; then the Pango shaper gets confused)
        * the mapping between Pango and dia units should be right.
        * try to display the same dia file with 0.90 !
        * We actually have latin0 and KOI8-R co-existing in the same string,
        which is a definite improvement.

In theory, and as far as the Win32 port uses render_gdk.c for on-screen
rendering, this should apply and display the same kind of results on Win32.
Hans, do you have the time to give it a shot?

        -- Cyrille


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