Re: wysiwig TeX in dia

Oh, now I understand. What you were talking about
was: modifying XPDF's
abstraction of a renderer, so that it would output
into a format understood
by Dia (ideally, dia's format). 
That is what I meant.

Once you get your TEX into PS or eps, then the Dia
seems to have a EPS and DXF import

PS converter to convert the diagram to DFX

Currently, dia has no EPS import (and I don't see
that being available
anytime soon). 
OH :(

It does have some DXF import,
however, this code is quite
fragile and might require some tuning to the routine
you point to.

Assuming the EPS->DXF converter is solid enough to
handle the task, it
should be possible do so something.

(one alternative idea might be to find/modify
something to have an EPS->SVG
That is what pstoedit can do, svg output. :)

Or even better, an SVG output module for
THat would be cool.

Once the
TeX file is converted to SVG, it should be possible
to modify the shapes'
SVG import routine in order to render by dia.
Ahh.. you have that?

Basically, the TeX object
would be a shape whose visual contents depend on the
output of a TeX process)
Cool a create shape on the fly. You might have lots of
them. I bet one shape per polygon would be good.

Another alternative; there are TeX -> MathML
converters out there. Can
MathML be transformed into SVG via XSLT ? (uh, not
Sounds like hell!

What does Mozilla
do ?). If yes, then the problem is (almost) solved.

I am not ready to volunteer on that yet. 
I would like to say that viso2002 does not have image
maps, and it does not have href, and it is pissing me

Also I would like to ask what do you think about using
a postgres database backend for your object? Like be
able to store all the diagrams in a database? 
via Perl::DBD we can hook in any database around.
Cool huh?


James Michael DuPont

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