XSLT translator


I wrote a simple XSLT translator to transform dia files into a family
of java classes.  From the project homepage -- http://www.cucy.net/diax/

    A simple XSLT stylesheet that transforms a dia UML diagram into a
    series of java classes.  The package transforms a UML diagram
    intended as a database schema ( in the style of dia2sql.pl ) into
    a family of java classes that implement a "Data Access Object"
    pattern. This includes a factory class, data access classes and
    data object classes.

I was working in java, trying to implement a Data Access Object design
pattern.  The pattern called for a family of related classes.  I also
wanted to use dia to create my database schema as a UML diagram --
dia2code was not giving me enough options, so I wrote diax.

I hope others will find it useful as an example of translating dia
diagrams using XSLT.


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