Re: crash beziers dia win32, need help to veryify

Le Tue, Jun 11, 2002, à 08:58:39PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:

I am using dia 0.90 on win32.
i seem to be able to crash dia quite often, i think it may be something to
do with beziers, and i would like to try and track down the problem but i
would need some help.

I have Microsoft Visual C++ debugger on this machine but i dont know how
to use it.  Can anyone help me generate a more useful bug report?

I assume you have the full VC++ environment. You might try to recompile dia
using it, with the debug symbols enabled (or maybe Hans could provide you
with the .sym/.pdb files? Without these, there is no hope of recovering any
information from the crash). If you manage to compile, you may want to run
dia (your fresh executable) under the debugger, and see what happens when
you try again.

If you have the debugging symbols and/or a debug build, the VC++ debugger
should show you the point (in the source) where the crash happens -- even a
screen shot of the environment as Billy shows it to you could give interested 
parties vital clues.

Alternatively, you may want to recompile 0.90 with --enable-debug on a *nix
box, and run it under gdb (DEBUGGER=gdb app/, then type "run").
Added bonus, substitute gdb with valgrind to see how sloppy we are with our
pointers ;-)

If you can manage to find a complete, detailed to the click way of making
dia crash (bonus points if you can check that under both win32 and *nix),
someone with a $DISPLAY (not me not this week) could probably get a
pretty acceptable stack trace.

here is a link to a text file containing some of the crash error messages,
in the unlikely event they might be of use.

I can make nothing out of this, unfortunately.

        -- Cyrille


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