Re: Dia goes Gtk2, anyone else with it ?

On Sat, 8 Jun 2002 13:14:14 +0200,
"CC" == Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:

app/render_eps.c : some further utf8 cleaning needed

The current plan is:
- merge all Gtk2 specific changes done on TARGET_GTK2_0 into HEAD.
(it would be much simpler if I haven't tried to keep both trunks
in sync, see the other ChangeLog.)
- merge in utf8-ness (my branch apperas to be almost clean)
- do one large commit, which allows to build with GTK2
(some of Akira's changes probably will vanish by this, at least
the reformatting which IMHO should never had happen [Dia's tab
size is 8 not 2!] and some of the XIM stuff which I neither can 
test nor does it seem to be not applicable with GTK2)

CC> tabs are evil. XIM still seems applicable, where GTK2 doesn't already take
CC> care of it !

Hmm, I need to test it anyway. if I find any problem, I will
fix it. that's all :)

- remove the font name trough gettext hack
- do basic GdkFont -> Pango conversion

CC> These are to be done in the same step. Pango will do the font matching. I
CC> plan to do that during the end of week 25, perhaps in coordination with
CC> Lars (beer, pizza, irc).

it means Dia no longer has any font configuration and it
will be used via Pango?

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