dia & gtk2

Hello all,

Following Hans' massive commit of today, I managed to get the thing running
on my Linux box too.

The resulting binary runs, is able to load files or edit, but has
issues, the biggest one being with the Zoom control (uninit'ed
variable somewhere ?). I don't have to fix more today, unfortunately.

(I have not yet tried to build with --enable-gnome: results are undefined,
feedback welcome).

I'm going out of state (in the Detroit, MI, USA area) for the next week;
I'll be unable to do any serious work on dia. I should be able to commit
some "obviously good" patches if sent to me directly (please do record them
in the Bugzilla though). In particular, there is now a huge lot of unused
variables and type cast related-warnings; this might explain the Zoom

        -- Cyrille


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