Re: suggestion: double line selection option

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Torben H. Nielsen wrote:

The only
thing it is lacking is a double line style as drawn
below. Such notation is often used in ER diagrams
although alternative notations are also possible:

It already exists as the ER:Participation line.
Drop one of these in your diagram, select properties for the line at
set total=yes and you've got yourself a double line.

I am aware of this but I want the line to be straight with no bends in it.
Most database and UML textbooks use straight lines for everything, 
including straight slanted lines. I have no idea why one would
want to use the bending lines: these can get unreadable when
many lines are heading out of a connection point. I notice
that dia has provided the corresponding straight lines for
UML notation at the bottom of the tools panel, but has
not done the same for ER double lines. This
is unfortunate.

Another issue with bending lines: shouldn't there be two kinds of them:
one that looks like this:


and one that looks like this:


Each style could be used depending on the location of the connection 
point, or, the user could be allowed to choose.


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